Saturday, April 3, 2010

Allow me to introduce myself...

I believe the question is where to start and what is she talking about? That is what I would have asked if I had bothered to read the first two posts of this blog. Excuses of my unfamiliarities on the "blogging way" are countless I assure you, but there is no point in pulling them out. No one wants to read that, so I'll just begin. I do apologize however for the blunt delivery to whomever read those firsts. Agony of my decorum and not being certain on what I wanted to say lead to that half whatever mess. That was last week(I'm one of the few that actually thinks Sunday is the start of the week, I guess everyone else is in denial of Monday's wrath) this is a new start like the many that this blog is about to entail.

Allow me to introduce myself, my name is Stephanie or better known as simply Steph. I was taught to be formal and polite, so I always introduced myself as Stephanie. I am a twenty two year old artist. I always have a sketchbook on hand as well as the latest novel I am reading. I don't consider my work as much, but I am told it is something. I have great modesty, but I am a perfectionist at heart. I draw, paint, sculpt, and dance. I studied dance growing up, but only use it for inspiration and frustration fuses. My sketchbooks I carry around have been filled mostly with fashion sketches for most of what I can remember. This was my reason to dive into the fashion world. I have always been involved in the arts, but when it came to picking a direction for school I was unsure. At the start of the new year I decided that fashion was my direction. I am currently an undergrad fashion design major and looking to really start doing something I love.

I love art above all. It has been greater than any guy or great hair day. Art is what I love. The crazy good excited feeling you get about something, that is what I get from art. I love learning the history, studying the master's technique; it gives me such inspiration to be inventive and to be able to know where it all started. Museums are my playground. They hold collections of some of the most exquisite examples of genius man could ever assemble. I might come off as a total dork for going on like this, but you know you're a dork too about what you love.

The rest of me is a mixture. I like to get lost on an adventure with my ancient film camera (I pray it holds out till I can get a decent digital replacement). Photography is an art, but I feel it is dying as the technology is being reinvented. I must say digital format for photography is a dream-able reality, truly remarkable what you can accomplish, but the original beauty is slipping away. The hours and technique in a darkroom are replaced by a computer and some swift moves of a mouse. I used to work a lot with developing equipment in darkrooms of friends that had small studios. It is very hard to find anyone that has the time and money to want to continue the craft. I miss it dearly. I also miss my camera. It's in surgery right now and hopefully after the holiday I will have it back so I can share my pictures and you can see what I am talking about. Among my pictures, the books I read have twists into what I do with my fashion designs. I don't read certain things, I try to read everything. There is too much to learn and focusing on one area won't get you anywhere. By that I like to keep an open mind. I like to meet new people, go see new places, and do what I haven't experienced. I'm afraid if I'd go on about all my interests and endeavors this post would never end so I'll leave the rest for a later time.

This blog is starting as a lot of other life things are happening. I am currently in the situation of applying for transfer. With my change of school goal, came a need to find a better suiting college. Pray someday I will graduate! Oh well I'm moving on! Hopefully it all happens and things work themselves out. I do however know that whatever's going on in my crazy, odd, mixed up life will directly influence my work. It shall be interesting! I hope you think so too.


(p.s. Who ever read all that, you're amazing or really bored? Thanks though!)

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