Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hey I made it to tomorrow...just barely.

Today is an amazing spring day in Pittsburgh. The sun is bright & warm as I walked down Carson St. and all I could muster up was to not drop dead from the death cold that has fallen upon my soul. This morbid drab deal is making my spring break a living shit hole. woot.

Anyway I thought I'd share an appropriate spring tribute with those that bother to look me up today. Enjoy.

Springtime Loves...

(Courtesy of Getty Images Europe)...Pittsburgh has rivers, bi-polar weather conditions, and crappy season change overs. Sitting outside, say reading a book is a privilege when the weather permits.

Wilson's Women's Leather Jacket...Can't wear mine if it's below 40 degrees. This thing is like my adult security blanket. Sounds corny, but it feels so good on and it is the confidence boost needed when things are going drab ;)

Nine West Leather Scandals...I must say after living through a winter where my socks on my feet began to feel like straight jackets more and more every day these scandals are rock'n.

(Yes, that is a piece of bacon on that cupcake. Honor the awesomeness.)

Dozen Cupcakes is a must for me. It is a lovely feeling to walk through Squirrel Hill to the neighborhood Dozen Bake Shop for an amazing cupcake experience. Here is their Spring/Summer cupcake menu. This cold thing is being a real downer, I have yet to try the new season's flaves. Maybe later I will get one later...

...I decided no on the cupcake. I have now gotten to the point of no appetite due to my freak cold. boo.

On my way to knock-outter sleep session, brought to you by Nyquil.

peace out yo,


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